Erica Bonns, Head of Medical, steers the medical flagship of Visiba

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We are delighted to have Erica Bonns on board, who will provide her valuable medical expertise and experienced digital input to Red Robin, our automated triage and medical history tool, as well as the Visiba Care platform. In this interview, she tells us more about her aspirations in her new role, her drive, and her inspiring life.


What do you do at Visiba?

I have the newly established position, ‘Head of Medical’, which makes me the in-house responsible for the medical input of the Visiba products, and especially Red Robin – our automated triage and medical history tool. In this role, I represent and speak for the medical profession and science in strategic decisions related to medicine. Nevertheless, my biggest assignment right now is Red Robin, our medical product.

What is your experience prior Visiba Care? 

I am a specialist doctor in paediatrics, with an emergency focus. I still work clinically in an emergency room for children and previously worked as a doctor in Finland so I know healthcare there as well as here in Sweden. In the recent years, I have worked with digital transformation of healthcare, both with care information systems, applications for healthcare providers and at Inera, with the 1177 site, particularly in first-line care and triage. I have also worked with online consultations for several years.

What is the most important thing and the most challenging thing with your role? 

I think the most important thing is that the product is so hand-in-hand with reality, towards users, nurses, and doctors. On top of that, I have insight into how the patient works. I understand the entire spectrum of usage. Another important thing is to have the medical experience and the knowledge which lays the foundation for the content that is beneficial to the product. I think one of the most challenging things for us is to get Red Robin to fly. We need to get the medicine and technology go well together seamlessly. Another challenge is to find the right vision to build an outstanding product and we do not have control over everything, but we have external factors that need to be taken into account as laws and statutes. We need to get Red Robin to fly within the framework that exists today. We need to get professionals to use it to its full potential. In the long term, we also need to succeed with the integrations that the system can handle technically and manage the external factors that play a role in the development of our product.

What do you think is the biggest challenge with growing in such a fast pace? 

That we try to keep the relational part in the future both internally and externally, that we continue to be passionate about what we do and maintain our drive. The market expects more of us when it grows so fast, especially in a start-up which requires good collaboration between all teams.

What makes you passionate about your job? 

Frustration drives me! I like it when things don’t work and then they do – I like to dissolve frustrating aspects in the everyday working life. I am driven by the potential of development and finding more effective ways. As mentioned, I have worked with healthcare in both Sweden and Finland but also in Africa. I have experienced several different healthcare systems and involving myself in creating change where it is needed motivates me.

What is you focus right now? 

To find and get to know my role and to find balance in the product. I want to run fast and make things happen but also need to cave in what has already been done.

What do you do when you are not working? 

I spend time with family, husband and daughters, aged 6 and 10. My first career was working in a gym for many years and the pandemic and a daughter on chemotherapy stopped this. Life has not been as usual, and we have now started training at home with the whole family and it has been very different. But exercise is a big part of my life. Another passion is baking; it is something we do a lot and it makes me happy. On Fridays, I spend time with middle school children at the church and do creative and fun things – an alternative to hanging out in the city centre and showing that there are other ways to have fun.

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