Peter Tyreholt: Leading Visiba Care's product vision

Peter Tyreholt joined Visiba Care in 2018 and has since been leading the vision for our platform. Peter's professional life has always been around the intersection between customer value and technology – and that is one highly cerebral job description. In this interview, he tells us more about his background and guiding stars.


What is your role at Visiba Care?

I am the Chief Product Officer. What that means is that my team and I are responsible for what we develop and how we create the best value for our customers – so they can move along with digital transformation and move part of the interactions with the patients to the digital space. It’s about the product vision, the direction, but it’s also about what do we do tactically – here and now, for every sprint; the 3-week cycle that we develop new things.

Where do you get the vision from? 

It’s a combination of perspectives. One part is knowing the market – the directions in each healthcare ecosystem of the countries that we operate in. The other part is having regular interactions with our customers: Where are they heading? What kind of healthcare delivery do they want? Thirdly, it’s about interacting with the individual users – both the healthcare professionals and the patients. Finally, it’s looking at where do we want to end up as a company: How do we best fulfil our 'Why'? What position do we want in the market in the long run? We try to mix these together to find out what is best to do right now and that builds towards our future.

Why did you decide to join Visiba Care? 

A friend of mine knew the chairman at Visiba Care and he introduced me to Johan Gustafsson, our CEO, to discuss about how to build a product team. We enjoyed discussing with each other so every 6 months we had a lunch and talked about challenges. When Visiba Care was expanding, I was asked to join. It really fit me: I was never going to stay too long as a consultant – I am a product person. In the end, I want to own both the good and the bad, I want to follow it through. The vision of Visiba Care really matched my vision: Creating value – in this case, for healthcare professionals and patients alike, by empowering healthcare organisations. That really fit with my core values as well. I often go back to that – I want to be in a position where I can influence and create value. It is also an industry that there was – and is a lot to do to change how it works and I think digital technologies will be a huge enabler of that. But, the big challenge is to get the healthcare organisation to rethink their care delivery and their relationship with the patient.

What is your personal journey with digital transformation? 

I worked at an IT consultancy company, where I created a new unit about business transformation made possible through digitalisation. The unit didn’t actually start with the technology – it started with where our clients wanted to be with their business, with their position in the market, which value proposition they would like to deliver on. Then we went backwards and thought “If you want to go there, these are the solutions that need to be created”. This was not a deliberate part of my career, but looking back, my first job in the late ‘90s was in a company that wanted to transform part of the infrastructure with telecom with new, digital technologies, previously unused in this industry. That was a really interesting journey with the 3G procurement and a great learning school because it forced us to find new markets where we could take part in. I later moved to a mobile app company – 2-3 years before App Store – investigating how to create value from an app, also a great learning school. I used these learnings when I created that unit in that company.  Our clients at my previous work were 5 years ahead of healthcare, and coming into Visiba, I found healthcare to be in the same intersection. One would think that healthcare is unique – and every industry think they’re unique but, when it comes to digital transformation, the technology doesn’t matter so much. It’s about organisations, motivations, it’s about rethinking what you are doing. Everybody has the same challenge – and we can learn from that.

What motivates you? 

Looking back in my career, I’ve concluded that I want to create value and I always want to be in a position where I can influence and make a difference. So, I often hold the position of an informal leader or a leader in the management team. I also like to create value – I like technology but not for its own sake. I always want to find ways to do things in a better manner. If I take anything I might do, I very rarely do it the same way every time – I always change something to make it better, create more value, or make it simpler to do.

And finally – who are you when you are not working? 

I am from Skåne, the South of Sweden. I moved to Gothenburg when I was 19 to study Signal Processing Engineering at Chalmers. I worked very little with engineering and early on, I ended up in the intersection between customer value and technology. That’s where I’ve been for most of my career.   I live south of Gothenburg with my family; my wife, Malin and my 2 daughters, who are 10 and 12 years old. We enjoy spending time in Lindome with neighbours and friends as much as travelling. I also like to run trail, preferably in Sandsjöbacka and along a little trail around Lindome.

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