Marcus – One of our Back-end developers


Who is Marcus?
I was born and raised in Gothenburg and have never lived elsewhere. Currently I live in western Gothenburg with my wife and my kid. Family is of course a huge part of my life and I spend a lot of time with them. I'm also a huge sports fan! One sport that I’m interested in – which is not that popular in Sweden is baseball, and you can find me at almost every home game of the Gothenburg Sharks! I have been working at Visiba Care since 2018 and I have been working with software and system development for over 20 years.


What makes you passionate about your job?
System development is in constant evolution which means that you can't rest on experience for too long if you don't constantly adapt to new technology and ideas.  One thing that definitely helps there is having curious and competent colleagues that challenge your experience and provide new input. This is one area where Visiba Care definitely delivers for me. Being in the software development business for 20+ years, you need to stay up to date. If you do, those 20+ years of experience can be a great advantage.
I have used the word "sustainability" as a guiding star over the past years. It’s an interesting word in conjunction with software development, which is constantly moving forward. The way I use it in my daily work is to make sure the solution is in a state where you could fairly easily make changes to parts of it without having to rewrite the entire code base. Another example is that you use your resources in a way that you could scale your application to an appropriate size without much ado. It almost goes without saying, but if your application isn't stable enough, you can't leave it for very long before you need to turn back to it. That means you got less time for making an impact in the future. 
What makes working at Visiba exciting?
Visiba Care is in a place where the focus has shifted from "how do we fit in our business opportunity?" to "how could we scale into our business opportunity?". That means adapting to new markets, scale the business, and scale application-wise for instance. These are all my words and to me, it means that the backend team now needs to adapt to the idea of a solid and scalable application streamlined for testing, so that the business side can focus on our customers and not give them the notion that the technology interferes with their focus on the customers’ opportunities. This comes with meeting new requirements and developing the product for the future

I love to see my colleagues grow as professionals and I love to put time into my colleagues, as long as you do your best to capitalise on that time. Also, just because I sometimes make decisions based on experience, it doesn't mean that I'm always right. I want to be challenged. 
All together, having the possibility to have a big impact on the company makes me passionate about my work.
What is your main focus right now?
I have got a split focus, which I have had basically since I started at Visiba Care. One part is about constantly moving the application towards being fully testable and scalable and one part is code maintenance, extracting code into own libs, adopting to new technology like the Nullable in C#8, for instancePutting us in a better spot for the future. Another part is adding functionality to the applications. Currently, I focus mostly on integrations with other systems, since we got some really interesting projects with our customers and their other suppliers, which would eventually lead to a better experience for you and me when we need care. Another part of my job is to make it easier - which can include doing good CI/CD solutions that minimise manual work, for instance.

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