Meet one of our Support Specialists - Hanna!


Hanna is one of our Support Specialists who always ensures that our customers get the help they need. 

Hi Hanna, can you tell us what your main responsibilities are at Visiba Care?

I work as a Support Specialist at Visiba Care and I have been doing that for a little over a year. My role is to help our customers use our platform, and when they come across any problems, I am there to guide them. Besides helping our customers, I am also working on the structure of the support department and other projects such as creating online video guides, where our customers can get help online through our pre-recorded videos. When I started at Visiba Care, there wasn’t a Support Department, and because of that, my role needed to be built from scratch. The work with the Support structure team development needs to continue and to grow as we grow as a company. 


Can you tell us a little about your background?

Right after high school, I started working with logistics in maritime transport, where I took care of imported goods by sea from various countries. After that, I went backpacking in New Zealand and Australia for more than a year. When I felt that I was done with traveling, I ended up in Ireland. During that time in Ireland, it was a bit tough to find opportunities, which, with my experience, brought me into the Support field, as there were some companies looking for Swedish-speaking people who could work in Support for the Nordic Countries. That's a bit of the story behind how I got into Support and it has been great. I have had a number of roles that were combined Support and Administration before I started working at Visiba Care, where the main responsibility is solely support. 

Why do you think Visiba Care is a good place to work?

The vision of Visiba Care is to help people, which is something I am truly passionate about; helping people while doing something good for the society. Personally, it is important for me to be able to relate to the company vision, be proud of what I work with and know that we are doing great things. In addition to that, we have a nice atmosphere in the office, and I get to work with very driven and cool people. We are a mix of different personalities and backgrounds, which I think is a great asset for all of us in terms of collaboration and growth.

What will you focus on for the next 6 months?

On a personal level, I try to take the day as it comes right now. My boyfriend, our daughter and I have only lived in Sweden for about a year now, so hopefully we will continue to make progress in our everyday life. In a few weeks, I will be going to New York with a friend to go shopping for a few days and later in the autumn, we will go and visit relatives in France. I will also try to get as prepared as I can for the upcoming baby and continue to spend time with the family. On a professional level, I will focus on getting my new colleague, Louise, to come in as smoothly as possible in the role and continuing to build up what is needed for the nearest future together. We have recently started developing a Support Tool that will help us with troubleshooting, which is an another example of what we will be focusing on for the coming 6 months. 


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