Lotte Tangvik is dedicated to the success of our Norwegian customers

Lotte Tangvik

It takes merely a sentence to be enchanted by Lotte and perceive her sincere dedication, wit, and supportive nature. Lotte is our Customer Success Manager in Norway and a professional with a heart, profound knowledge of the Norwegian healthcare system, and a concrete vision for it. We are proud to introduce her!

Tell us a bit about your background, Lotte! 

Since I was very young, I knew I wanted to help others. I have a great interest in other people, and I applied for a job as an assistant in a nursing home, at an early age. I, therefore, took a health professional education and have worked in healthcare for several years, mostly in psychiatric and dementia care.

Later I had the opportunity to help build a department in a start-up company, User-Managed Personal Assistance, (Independent living). It was a fantastic journey and I learned an incredible amount during the years I was there. I got to use my knowledge as a health professional in my role as a consultant. And I met a lot of people with incredible stories. Then I worked for almost three years as a consultant in an acute and short-term ward. After a while, I started to miss the higher pace and more challenging days. And that's why I'm here at Visiba Care as a Customer Success Manager.

What appealed to you in working with healthcare? 

I love people! I like getting to know new people. Being able to be there for others in a vulnerable situation is very rewarding. It’s nice to be useful to others.

I feel that in many ways I am far away from the healthcare system in my role now, at the same time as we are close, we have the opportunity to give healthcare a tool that facilitates interaction between patients and healthcare professionals. I am motivated by being of help to others - and I am lucky to be able to feel that motivation every single day!

The Customer Success Manager role is quite diverse – there’s configuration, project management, training, etc. Which part excites you the most and why? 

It must be the contact with the customers, the cooperation we must have to achieve a goal. The role is, as you mention, varied, and that is exactly what is so exciting. No two days are the same, there are always new challenges, all customers are different and have different preferences and the fact that I get to be part of their digital development is very exciting! And not least the fact that we are helping to make a difference out there.

What is, in your opinion, the ideal scenario of incorporating digital in healthcare? 

Imagine being a young person today and having the health station or the child welfare in your pocket!? Imagine being subjected to violence, sexual abuse, or struggle mentally, and the municipality had an app with all health services gathered in one place! It is the accessibility the municipality gives its inhabitants that is fantastic. Norway has a lot to learn from Sweden, which has come much further in the digitalisation of health services.

I also think the emergency room could have taken advantage of digital transformation. Today, you have to call the emergency room before you arrive. Instead, you could have an emergency room app where you could send a message, and in that way avoid getting many "unnecessary" phone calls. In many cases, it can be clarified by text message, if in doubt when you receive a message, you can call them up, either by phone or via video.

Where do you see digital health bringing the greatest value?Where do you see digital health bringing the greatest value? 

By digitally transforming healthcare, the system will be able to achieve higher efficiency, better patient safety, and better quality of the services provided. I only see the benefits of being able to offer digital health services in most companies in the health service - especially the services aimed at children and young people. In Visiba, we strive for making a good solution for the population. And one of our main goals is that the municipalities will benefit from our solutions, i.e. to be able to offer the inhabitants “one way” to all health services.

Is there a particular customer case that positively surprised you? 

I have not been to Visiba for very long, but there are several customers who have identified themselves as innovative and solution-oriented. And I find that impressing. Frisk Gruppen is one of them. They really have the ability to think ahead, see solutions and give patients an even better offer by using digital services. It is exciting and interesting to see a large organisation dare to invest.

Often in Norway we see the opposite, at least in the municipalities – they do not dare to invest fully in digital transformation – and it felt as if they are not quite ready for it yet. It is perceived as demanding for them to implement a digital platform, they do not have the resources and they are afraid of the costs. The picture is actually quite different in the long run, we give them a tool that will enable them to become more efficient; they can give the citizens a better solution and we will help them with the implementation and provide training for their staff who will work with the platform. The private sector on the other hand dares to invest, they have come a long way when it comes to digital transformation and that’s cool to see!

What makes healthcare in Norway unique? 

service that works very well. It’s easy to get help. GP and municipal health service as a first instance, then there is a referral to the specialist health service such as hospitals from there. The basic idea is good, but bureaucracy, strict rules and regulations, and poor digital systems can sometimes be a bottleneck. The health service in Norway is also quite geographically widespread, we have large hospitals rather than small local hospitals, which presents some challenges for the patients. Here, digital transformation could really make a difference. How about having a video consultation, instead of having to travel several hours? For new mothers, imagine being able to have breastfeeding guidance online, rather than having to leave home? Digital transformation can offer services where it’s suitable and to those who want. Healthcare services in Norway are good, but we need to dare to think bigger, and further ahead. We have to streamline the healthcare system and release patients to the right institution at the right time, and I think digitalisation will help with that.

What drew you to Visiba and what’s the best thing about it? 

I want to empower healthcare and improve lives – That’s also Visiba`s vision. A perfect match!

I realised early on, before I applied, that Visiba was something special. I had some knowledge of Visiba from before, and after googling and snooping on social media, I realised that I just had to apply! Visiba focuses on the employees; if the employees are well, then you get good results – it’s pretty self-explanatory, but unfortunately, there are far too few organisations that don’t have that focus on their employees.

I also wanted to work in a place where there is commitment! I realised early on that Visiba consists of a bunch of people who are committed, positive, and have a desire to be part of making a difference. After three months at Visiba I am very grateful to work here. We have fun, we learn, develop and laugh a lot!

What do you do when you’re not working? 

I am a mother of three children and my hands are full when I am not working. We are often out in nature as a family, and I love being able to have free time outdoors, to run, or go for a walk with a friend. In the last year, I have also studied alongside work, but fortunately, I soon will be finished! Otherwise, I hope there will be more long summer evenings with good friends in the time ahead, wine, dancing, and singing. And I am working towards being able to run 10 km without capitulating by October!

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