Adam Bruce, our UK Sales Executive, works with heart and brains

Adam Bruce

Adam Bruce is a Sales Executive who manages something extremely rare: To give substance and meaning back to job ad buzzwords; he embodies pragmaticism, he is sharply focused on solutions, and he is out to give results. Don't believe us? Just read his interview and you'll see for yourself!

Tell us a bit about your background. 

I studied graphic design and animation, which couldn’t be coming further from what I am doing now but I have lots of creative elements, which are an easily transferable skill. I was freelancing during the 2008 recession, and I got a second job with a steadier income within healthcare. From then on, I had a natural progression in Sales. I enjoyed working within healthcare, it felt more satisfying, so I wanted to stay in that arena. There, further on, I worked within software sales, robotics, pharmacy medication management, visualisation platforms for minimally invasive cancer surgery and orthopaedic sports medicine.

When we started working from home, I reflected on the reasons that I loved and didn’t love about my previous job and realised that, even though I don’t feel I'm ever going to move away from healthcare, a large ‘clinical’ style corporate setting wasn’t for me. When you are working from home, without going out, meeting new people and having the everyday distractions, what you are doing becomes very clear. I realised I was in a quite rigid corporate setup and ethos where I was required to complete filtered-down admin-heavy tasks, and I wasn't getting out what I was putting in. I took some time off in August and decided what’s important for me: a good cultural fit, a line manager that I get along with really well, and a team that I can complement well and add real value.

What drew you to Visiba? 

I started looking at smaller companies with a global reach within technology and healthcare and I quickly applied to the position at Visiba. It is a company with a global reach, a big opportunity and the groundwork to build on. I had a lovely interview with the Country Manager, I saw how everyone works on the same level. I thought that working at a company like this is a perfect fit for me, which I was missing, so that is how I am here today!

What do you think is the biggest advantage of Visiba’s platform? 

The best thing is that Visiba is already a market leader in Sweden and in the UK. There's a lot more that Visiba Care can do now compared to the benchmark, but also where it's headed in the future with Red Robin, the automated triage and medical history tool. In addition to this, we are able to prove further value than our competition, including extra time savings of 40-60% resulting in the ability to see more patients and increase reimbursement whereas our lead competitor cannot.

Where do you see digital health having the biggest impact? 

From the patient’s point of view, I think the biggest impact is getting into the right place faster – having the speed and efficiency to go from the initial appointment and the diagnosis to the next stages of care and seeing a specialist. The whole chain becomes more accurate. I see huge benefits within secondary care and the whole reimbursement structure: reducing the time of each consultation by 40%, increasing the number of appointments with patients, which is really a win-win for both sides. Patients get care faster and secondary care gets extra time and resources to see more patients.

You have 2 minutes with the CEO of the NHS. What do you say? 

I would ask what they expect the future of digital transformation in the NHS to look like in 10 years. What they thought it would look like today a few years ago and how that journey looked like. Digitalisation is inevitable – the only variable that changed is COVID-19 and since digitalisation is accelerating faster. The NHS as an organisation is an enigma and the one playfield suppliers and insiders can relate to is how fast it has changed. It would be key for us to understand from a global point of view and a nationwide point of view how this journey looks like from the other side of the window.

What will your main focus be for the next few months? 

I would love to be able to say that it would be to get in front of people but that is difficult in the current situation! My main focus in the next few months will be a real shift in the way I am working and, similar to the technology we are providing, change myself a lot; I never had to sell behind a screen before, so I’ll be using LinkedIn more and adopting social selling in general. But really, I’d like to learn – I have never had such a software-focused position before!

How do you spend your time when you are not working? 

I stay home, I stay safe, and I wear a mask! I run, when the gym is open, I do weight training five times a week. Before the lockdowns, I was socialising, having dinner parties. These days, I spent a lot of time seeing family and friends – my sister, mother, brother. My sister’s family is my bubble, so I see them almost every evening. It has changed a lot in the last year, it has become much more family-focused – my overall perception as opposed to a year ago has changed too.

Tell us something unique about you! 

This is always a tough question to respond to with something exciting but here are a couple of examples, one work-related and one personal. During my time working within Medicine Automation and Robotics, I spent almost five years engaged with a customer on a project which turned into a procurement led OJEU Tender process worth around £500,000. This, unfortunately, went against our favour and we ended up losing the Tender. However, as I had done extensive work during my engagement with them, I managed to pull off the impossible and convert the loss to a win in just one month!

Outside of work during training for several half-marathons where I raised money for NSPCC, I managed to complete a 10k run in under 40 minutes! Unique or not I’m proud of that!

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