How Payam Ekblom helps healthcare providers take off with digitalisation

Payam_Ekblom_sigvardsson_200528_0397_webb.jpgAfter a new customer jumps on our digital train, the journey begins. This is where our Customer Success Managers take the lead and help our customers with implementation, training, and close, continuous support. Payam is one of our dedicated and experienced CSM, who ensures that our customer will receive the best digitalisation journey possible. He shines in his role with an incredible sense for what the customer needs.


What do you do at Visiba Care?

I have two main responsibilities; The first one is that I manage the delivery. Everything after the Sales Managers have finished their part is handed over to CSMs (Customer Success Managers). We then begin to manage the entire delivery and the actual implementation of the product. When that is completed, the CSM becomes the responsible and the contact person for that customer. Of course, we use resources from the entire company to provide the support that the customer needs. We are in close, continuous dialogue throughout the project and for as long as the customer is a customer basically. This is what I have been working with for many years and I am excited to do it with a new product.

What is your experience prior Visiba Care? 

I have been working with radiology for 11 years, i.e. x-ray. Both as a Radiographer and 7 years within med-tech, where I have been working as an education specialist, project manager, and product specialist. All different roles have many similarities to what my role as a CSM is today, where I am project managing and responsible for delivery and education. It was a completely natural transition to start at Visiba Care.

What do you consider the most important part of your role? 

The most important thing is to be responsive. Every customer is unique, and we tailor the solution so that they get the best out of our platform. ‘One size fits all’ does not make sense with our product, as we see a broad range of different demands and needs. It is our job as CSMs to see that and implement our product to fit their everyday business, with the correct functions in our communication platform.

How do you become an expert on customer relations and what does your customer demand from you? 

Knowing your profession and the context of your role. Everything is not possible of course, therefore we have a large team behind us to handle the requests from our customers. To be a successful CSM, as mentioned, is to see to each customer's unique needs. Just as a healthcare professional ideally provides care to every patient in a different manner, the same goes for our customers. We want them to feel special and well taken care of. I feel that this is something I am good at, and I have experience and knowledge in the area. I work with quality and I don’t overlook the details. In a project, it is the small things that make a difference: Constantly working to my best ability to do the little extra for our customers.

Is there a big ‘no-no’? 

I would say that, when the customer is not driving the project, you need to take a step forward. Never relax or stop caring, whatever project stage you are at.

What do you need to find purpose in your job? 

I need to do something that contributes to society to feel the value of my work. I feel that I do that to a great extent here at Visiba Care. Especially now during these times, when we can help healthcare professionals reach several patients – which may not have been possible otherwise.

What do you need from an employer? What makes Visiba a good place to work? 

A positive work environment: that your employer actively works to make you enjoy your work. Visiba is almost known for that – working hard with the company culture and really investing in making the staff happy. I can say that I felt that already at my interview here – that you have fun at work. Since then, it has only confirmed what I thought. We work with a product that matters; we offer this to all existing healthcare providers. Our product is available for many different businesses, which I find very important.

Do you find digitalisation within healthcare important? 

Even in my previous jobs, I felt that digitalisation is inevitable. Digital solutions have become more and more a natural part of society. We can offer our customers a solution where they can provide care through something so simple as an app and it just feels so incredibly modern. Everyone has a phone nowadays, so of course, you should be able to meet your healthcare provider digitally – Whenever a visit does not demand physical contact of course.

What is the best advantage for the healthcare providers? 

Increased efficiency: the costs are huge when it comes to healthcare. Better, smoother, and cheaper ways of caring for patients are a necessity to manage the number of patients today. This is a fantastic way to do that! Simply, increasing efficiency.

What do you think is the biggest challenge with digitalisation within healthcare? 

The established traditional ways of working in healthcare – to make them re-think the way they do things. Healthcare has been very traditionally managed for a long time. Trying to introduce and help them in their digital journey is the big challenge. But today, we have good examples of customers that have succeeded, which helps us show new customers that taking that step is more than a possibility. Of course, the pandemic has brought that to light, even though it is a tragic situation. Digitalisation of healthcare has increased tremendously from this and it equipped us to prepare healthcare providers for similar situations in the future.

Can you tell us something weird about yourself? 

I have mustard with everything!

Who is Payam outside work? 

I am a very family-focused guy. I have two boys, a 6 year old and a 2 year old, who keep me busy when I am not working. Other than spending time with my family I like watching sports and enjoy running.

Can you summarise your time at Visiba Care so far with three words? 

Exciting, fun, and individual progress!

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