Erik Lindberg: One of the people behind our immaculate Support satisfaction rate

He joined Visiba at precisely the right time to share his talent. Erik Lindberg is one of our Customer Support Specialists, a team that can take pride in their immaculate customer satisfaction rate! He shares with us what makes Customer Support at Visiba Care so successful – in times of crisis and out.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I started working at Santa Maria and after that, I went on to study logistics. I was a freight forwarder in Panalpina – I handled the shipments leaving Sweden and my main focus was China and the US. I started off at Panalpina and it was pretty intense; since everyone is sending cargo with airplanes, they want it to go fast, which helped me here at Visiba Care, lately in particular. After that, I got another job on the other side of the logistics. I booked with the forwarder and I was managing the flow from China and Europe to Sweden – I was responsible for everything being in the house at the right time. However, I felt that I wasn’t growing and I wanted to try something new. That’s when I came across the Visiba Care ad on LinkedIn!

Why did you choose to work at Visiba Care and why in Support in particular? 

I applied because it looked interesting and fun, it’s in the tech business and I always liked tech – trying new stuff, implementing new possibilities through tech. It was customer support and that was not something I had studied. However at Panalpina, I had a large support role, since you are the ‘face’ of the company. So, all the customers contacted us. I have also always enjoyed helping other people and the Support role spoke to me in that way: I can help people, but I don’t have to send the cargo away – I am only getting the good part!

Support is an advertisement for Visiba Care in itself, with a satisfaction rate just short of immaculate. How have you achieved that?  

We always try to be nice to everyone, listen to the customer reaching out and in need of help. I am always trying to be an expert on the product – this way, I can help a lot of customers quickly and in a good way. I believe these are important factors influencing our success rate.

You started with Visiba Care in early February, so you were on-boarded merely a month before the pandemic hit. How did you experience that month before the pandemic and the period during? 

At first, it was a nice, comfortable pace. You could ease in, learn the system and get a feel of the product. You have time to dig a little deeper, try a lot of stuff out, trial and error and figure things out. I was very lucky that I had that month before the pandemic hit. I also had about 10 days where I was completely alone in Support, which helped me to grow and stretched me to learn fast how to approach the customers.   After the pandemic, it became pretty intense. It was raining in new tickets and phone calls, but I’m quite used to the stress, especially compared to Panalpina. We had the same kind of stress, more or less every day for half a year. I’m very good at being strategic, going through the day in my head, what’s important, what needs to be fixed, how should I tackle the tickets. I make a game plan early in the day and I focus on that.

From your experience, what were the main reasons or triggers for the majority of your tickets? 

I attribute a lot of the tickets to the increased number of users, who, because of the rapid scaling, did not get a walkthrough or a training session. You could notice that, when they started having more training sessions, both internally and from our customer success managers, the tickets went down slightly – at least the basic ones that relate to functions or parts of the workflow. Those decreased at approximately 50%. That was quite a relief but that also helped keep us motivated to keep providing the excellent support that we do.

Digital transformation in healthcare is breaking into the mainstream. What do you think that means for the society? 

It is always important to improve with technology and try new things, because healthcare can sometimes feel outdated. But since the pandemic struck, everyone is accepting that change is needed – in a good way. You don’t need to see a doctor in person to get an answer, people are living busy lives nowadays and using a digital platform I think is the right way to go. From the perspective of a Support specialist, the excellent help we are providing the customers with can help them enjoy the platform. If we weren’t there to help, they would probably just leave the technology on the side and keep doing their regular face-to-face appointments. It is important to guide them in the beginning and make them feel like they can always call us and get help.

What is the best thing about Visiba Care?

The team is incredibly awesome – as well as everyone working at Visiba Care. It feels like a family and everyone has open arms, they are all very helpful with everything. If you have a question, you will always get an answer or at the very least be redirected to the right person. It’s very nice to have that kind of connection in the group.

How is life outside Visiba Care for Erik?

I like to go the gym – I think it’s a good way to relieve the stress that you build up during the day by focusing on something else. I live with my girlfriend, we usually go to the gym together, we go for a run or ride our bikes. I’m a pretty chill person, I don’t fill my spare time too much – I like to take it easy but also be physically active. I do enjoy going on vacation – We have a cottage at the fjords in Norway and which is great to visit. Road trips in different countries and exploring them is also my jam.

Could you share with us something unique or quirky about yourself?

I can do a half-good belly wave!

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