Visiba Care’s Content & Social Media Specialist - Sofia Pyrgioti.


Who is Sofia Pyrgioti?
I grew up in Greece where I went to an American Middle- and High School of my region, where there was a blend of the American and Greek curriculum. It was a great experience for me and I learned a lot. At college, I studied Philology which basically is the study of scripts and minored in Linguistics. I moved to Gothenburg primarily for my Master in Communications, but after 5 years I have made it my home and I'm not planning on leaving anytime soon. I’m quite proud that I found what I’m good at and that I managed to make it my job – I think people can compromise in that premise too quickly. 

What does a Content & Social Media Specialist at Visiba Care do?
I’m a part of the Marketing team where I produce content mostly for the UK and the Global market, whether it’s visual or text. I’m also working a lot with all of our social media and since the UK market is a relatively new market for us as a company, a good deal of my focus is there at the moment. Five months in and I’m still learning what healthcare, the UK and what my team is all about. 

Why do you think Visiba Care is a good workplace?
I get the feeling that there's no ego involved in our business. Everyone is just so real and approachable, humble and easy to work with. The only thing that matters is that you as a person do your best. I work with different, great people everyday and there is always a lot of focus on making you, the product and the whole team even better than yesterday. In Visiba Care we are very much aligned with the company vision, and I feel that everyone is encouraged to be who they really are. 

What will you be focusing on for the next 6 months? 
Professionally, I will be focusing on learning more, since the scope is huge. I would also like to focus on strategy a lot, perfecting what we already have. I would just love being part of that. Personally, I want to start exercising my creative muscle again, write some fiction or comedy, learn a new instrument – we'll see!


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